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Even the most loving kinds of relationships can experience hardship at some point. It can be easy to brush off these moments of unrest, but when not addressed they can lead to feelings of resentment that can build over time. At Hess Psychological Services, we offer several tools to assist couples navigating through past and current hurts to help rekindle their connection and build their trust for a promising future.

What Is Couples Therapy?

Couples therapy is a form of psychotherapy that can help you and your partner improve your relationship. Similar to one-on-one therapy, couples therapy is a form of talk therapy with three parties in the room: you, your partner, and your therapist. During each session, each party will discuss their needs, interests, and perspectives in a safe, collaborative environment. The aim of couples therapy is to facilitate communication to foster change through collaboration and mediation. It is not uncommon for one partner to be more resistant about counseling than the other. It has been found that both partners play a role in most relationship problems. That is why seeking help in a synergistic and conciliative way is essential. At Hess Psychological Services, our therapists are trained to meet you at your level of readiness to enhance comfort and safety in the change process. 

Signs You Should Seek Couples Therapy

You may know it’s time to seek professional help in the form of couples therapy when you notice the following between you and your partner:

  • Frequent and intense arguments.
  • Lack of effective communication.
  • Emotional withdrawal.
  • Trust issues.
  • Loss of physical intimacy.
  • Financial burdens.
  • One of you has had or considered an affair.
  • Unresolved past issues that keep coming up.
  • You are experiencing parenting difficulties.

Modalities of Treatment

Couples therapy is not just for those who are experiencing issues. Some couples seek out therapy to maintain, strengthen, or build their connection. Couples therapy can also be used as a tool to guide you toward reaching your relationship goals. Whatever the reason is that you and your partner have decided to seek help, Hess Psychological Services offers effective modalities of treatment like attachment-based therapy, emotionally focused therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy to help restore passion, happiness, and effective communication to your relationship.

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If you and your partner are struggling with communication, passion, and establishing a healthy homeostasis, couples therapy can provide the help you have been looking for. At Hess Psychological Services, we are dedicated to helping our clients restore understanding and happiness to their relationships. To schedule a consultation with founder Dr. Heather Hess, please fill out an online contact form.


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