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Children and adolescents navigate a complex world filled with unique stressors, developmental challenges, and emotional growth. That is why mental health treatment plays a critical role in a child’s overall wellness. Pediatric team members at Hess Psychological Services are well-versed in providing comprehensive and compassionate care to the youngest members of our community. From early intervention to specialized therapeutic modalities, we tailor our approach to address the diverse needs of each young individual. Our goal is to foster resilience, emotional intelligence, and a foundation for lifelong mental health, ensuring that every child can thrive in their emotional and psychological well-being. Similarly, parents are supported in learning to navigate the unique needs of their children. 

What is Pediatric Therapy?

Pediatric therapy encompasses a field of psychology that evaluates the emotional, behavioral, and developmental issues of children and adolescents. Through pediatric therapy, a child can better learn to cope with day-to-day stressors, divorce, depression, ADHD, grief, anxiety, health issues, relationship issues, and other mental health issues. Due to the patient’s age and understanding of the world around them, the mental and behavioral conditions that affect a child are treated differently from adults. 

Signs You Should Seek Pediatric Therapy

Because our children cannot communicate the same way that adults can, it may be difficult to know when to see outside mental health intervention. Some signs that your child may benefit from seeing a pediatric therapist include:

  • There has been a big change or a stressful situation in their life, such as bullying, a health condition, divorce, or a move to a new city or school.
  • The mental, emotional, and/or behavioral problems of your child are worsening over time rather than getting better.
  • Your child or family has experienced a trauma, such as a death, an accident, or abuse.
  • You notice a big and sudden personality and/or behavioral change in your child.
  • It’s difficult for your child to make and keep friends.
  • You’ve noticed a drop in your child’s grades in addition to having behavioral outbursts at school.
  • Your child frequently misses or refuses to go to school.
  • Your child often complains of stomachaches or headaches with no underlying cause.

Modalities of Treatment

Modalities of treatment for children differ from those for adults. At Hess Psychological Services we implement evidence-based, holistic, and effective treatment in a way that resonates with children and adolescents, including art therapy to encourage the expression of feelings in a creative and safe environment.

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If you are noticing a shift in your child’s behavior and emotional state or are preparing for or settling into a big life change, pediatric therapy can help your child adjust to their new circumstances. At Hess Psychological Services, we offer effective pediatric therapy, like art therapy, for children and adolescents. To schedule a consultation, please fill out an online contact form.


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